Website content

How to avoid common mistakes in your website's content.

In this section

  • Email Forms
    Forms in websites can send email to recipients
  • Fonts used in Web pages
    There are two main methods of displaying fonts in web pages: using fonts already on the user's device or downloading ones from the web.
  • Text as Images
    Using text that is important to users within images is generally considered bad practice as it adversely affects findability, usability and accessibility.
  • Email address in website
    While it might seem like a good idea, putting an email address in a webpage is an invitation to spam.
  • Phone Numbers
    One of the most common reasons users visit websites is to find contact information such as phone numbers.
  • Avoid duplicate content
    Why not to copy/paste information between pages of your site. (Or from anyone else's.)
  • Print friendly URLs
    Creating links that are easier for users to access when copying from printed material.