Best practice for optimising your images for SEO

Image file name

It should be obvious that "Wholething_office_street_view.jpg" gives search engines a lot more information than "DSC12205.jpg".

What to do:

Take the time to give your images descriptive file names before uploading them to the image library.

Image alt tag

The alt tag is a bit of code which describes (in this case) the image.  It is used when the image cannot be displayed, also by screen reader software so that the user (who may be blind) can interact with the image.  This description is also accessible to search engines.  It tells them more about the image in the context of the page.

What to do:

  • The alt tags on your images are put in place automatically.  
  • The text used is the description of the image in the image library.  
  • Make sure that this text is an accurate description of the image, being mindful that both screen readers and search engines will read it.