Email address in website

While it might seem like a good idea, putting an email address in a webpage is an invitation to spam.

When the web was new, it was courteous and desirable to place an email address (usually configured as a mail to link) in a page as an easy way for users to get in touch.

Now it is not.

Sadly, an email address (even un-linked) will be quickly found by spam-bots and listed as an active email address.  Even with excellent spam filtering, this is to be avoided.  

Companies have lost the ability to have an "info@" or "enquiries@" mailbox for this reason.

Companies have had their email service slow to a crawl due to the sheer volume of spam that they were recieving.


The feedback form feature is the way to allow users to get in touch with you.  Yes, it doesn't allow someone who has printed out a page from your website to get in touch, but it is much better than the alternative.