Print friendly URLs

Creating links that are easier for users to access when copying from printed material.


Sometimes a page's natural URL (e.g. is too unwieldy.  If someone needed to read this url from printed material to access it, wouldn't they rather have  

This is known as a print-friendly URL.

There are two reasons to create them:

  • So that printed material can contain user-friendly links to pages in your site.
  • If you frequently need to verbally direct users to a page in your site.

Best practice dictates that you do not have too many of them.   

Therefore, if your organisation is running a competition to win a trip to Hawaii, is better than  Why?  Because it can be easily re-cycled next year when the prize is a camera.

Similarly, instead of creating series of print-friendly URLs to individual press releases in your news section, it is better to create which points to the news section home page. 

In practice

To let us know which print-friendlyURLs you require, simply provide us with a link to the target page and the URL you would like to associate  (e.g. - 

We will then set these up on the server in a way that any search engine which encounters the link does not penalise your site for duplicate content.

There is a 20 minute minimum charge for this work, so it is better value to approach us with several to do at one go.