Creating an Index Page

How to add a feature which displays all of the page's "children", turning the page into a clear Index of those pages.

The index page feature will only be seen if the page it is being applied to has "child" pages; pages created within it.

Step 1: Adding the feature

Features Management 01

  1. Enter Site mode and click the page from the left that you wish to add the feature to.
  2. In the toolbar, press the Page Features button.
  3. Choose an area of the webpage (Left/Middle/Right tabs) for your feature to appear.
  4. Click the "Add Feature" button and choose Index Page from the list.
  5. Press "Continue".

Index Page 01

If the Internal Link feature is not in the list, it most likely hasn't been enabled for use by an administrator. Contact Wholething for assistance.

To delete the feature altogether, when in the Left/Middle/Right tab, tick the "Delete" checkbox next to the feature then press "Update".