A Slideshow of images from a category in the Image Library displayed in a Flash application.

The Slidehow feature allows users to add a series of images to be displayed in sequence.

This process is "Adding a feature" an you must therefore be in "Site" mode and have the page you wish to add the Slideshow to "Locked"

Step 1

Feature Slideshow 01

Select the area you wish to add the "Feature" by:
1.Clicking the "Features" button
2.Choose an area (usually Left, Middle or Right)
3.Then click the "Add Feature" button


Step 2

Feature Slideshow 02

Select the "Slideshow" feature" from the list of available features then once you are presented with the "Slideshow" feature interface:
1.Select a "Category"* from the drop-down menu
2.then click "Update"
3.The "Alternative image" is added automatically (but may be changed).

*These are Categories that have already been created in the "Image Library".


Step 3

A "Slidehow" feature has now been automatically added to your page.

As with other Features you may now choose to change the "Feature Title" and "Feature Layout".